Pastry units LINE LC S / PM

Confectionery units from line S/PM are the most popular units of our current customers. Units can be done with the straight and bent glass. A wide range of wood colors helps to match individual style furnishing the client. Pastry units with excellent operating parameters: temperature range 4 ÷ 8 ° C, humidity of 55 ÷ 85% were prepared with the most care of every detail about aesthetics and work issues of devices. Units can reach such good parametrers because of new solutions – double, complex glass and perfect insulation. – Glazed rear doors, door frame color: gold, silver, black or white – 4 levels with different depths, highlighted – led central lighting – Frame in gold, silver or RAL color specified by the customer – Insulated double glazing – Silkscreen glass in gold, silver or RAL color specified by the customer – Finish in wood by color Kronopol / Kronospan / JAF – Forced air – Electronic control – The internal or external unit LC S/PM UNITS WITH BENT GLASS DSC_6572a LC S/PM UNITS WITH STRAIGHT GLASS 122344455


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