We specialize in complete equipping of refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems for shops, stores, offices, living quarters, butcher’s shops, warehouses, production halls, bakery, restaurants, pubs, discos, etc. Ventilation is a great way to control not only temperature but also the circulation and air quality inside the building. Although the process of achieving this form of ventilating is relatively complex, the operation of this system is fairly simple. In most systems, each interior air conditioning device is connected to an external device by the freon cables. The outdoor unit can be placed on the wall, rooftop, balcony or a special room. In addition to the split-type devices, we install the central air conditioning and a Rooftops equipment. We adapt to individual customer needs. We offer:

  • air-conditioning and ventilation equipment with the possibility of heating
  • power supply: electricity or gas;
  • use of shopping centers, warehouses, gas stations, restaurants, bars, motels, workshops and gyms.


  • work in fresh air or circulation (in the share of fresh air to 25%)
  • fully adjustable air flow
  • possibility of eliminating the pressure in the rooms and the air discharge;


  • cooling system with air-cooled condensers;
  • two-step control with two independent refrigeration cycles;


  • electric heater or gas;
  • heat pump