siedzibaDear Sirs,

We are pleased to present the following profile of our company. We operate on the market since 1992, dealing with refrigeration and air conditioning. We specialize in complex equipping of refrigeration systems, process water cooling systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems for shops, supermarkets, butchers, warehouses, production facilities, gas stations, offices, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

Our company is a leading ,manufacturer of cryogenic chambers for systemic therapies. Proposed device is working on cascade compressor system which make it far less expensive to operate and easier to use than other systems. Produced cryogenic chambers are used in hospitals, sanatoriums, rehabilitation centers, sports centers, spa’s and wellness centers, etc. The growing popularity of cryotherapy, contributes to a greater interest in patients and people who care about good physical condition.

We can equal most needs of demanding customers, because we do not just sell equipment, but we take care of customers from preparation of the project, through the installation till maintenance and service. Years gained experience in this way, allow us to solve every problem.

We offer you the highest quality refrigeration equipment of own production, which includes refrigerated counters and bakery counters which was awarded a gold medal at the Poznan International Fair.

In addition, we offer various types of refrigeration equipment: counters, refrigerating counters, wall cabinets, bonnets, refrigerating and freezing display cases, cooling and freezing cabinets, freezers. All types of equipment are produced both; domestic and foreign.

We work with companies such as: BOLARUS, JBG, MA-GA, CEBEA, JUKA, JUGEMA- from Polish side.  Our foreign collaborators are: ARNEG, YORK, DAIKIN, VTS CLIMA, DOSPEL, TECHNOBLOCK, COPELAND, TECFRIGO, IARP, ISA, SCOTSMAN, FRIGOGLASS, ELCOLD, HELKAMA. Besides we offer design and construction of cold rooms and freeze rooms of any size. We also provide maintenance of refrigeration equipment in motion operational supervision, carry out pressure testing of safety values. In our business we do not skip the aspects related to the legalization of investment being made-we prepare documentation for the receipt in the office Technical Inspection.

The scope of our business also includes air conditioning and ventilation. We offer the equipment of all types, various companies, especially SAKURA which direct importer we are, and YORK for which we authorized service. We install chillers for cooling industrial water, rooftops that combine the functions of ventilating equipment, conditioning and warming. We ventilates engine cooling. The implementation of proper ventilation system can save up 50% of electricity consumption. Compliment of our offer are professional catering equipments made of stainless steel. We supply restaurants, bistros, bars and cafes in more than 2000 directory items.

We prefer factory prices of manufactures, we are flexible in determining discounts, terms and conditions.

We are the best partner for our customers!